Love chocolate? Love candy? So do we!
We treat each chocolate like art, they're all hand painted and unique.  All of our chocolates are made with Valrhona, Guittard, or TCHO chocolate.
We can make custom designs and flavors, please email for enquires.

Truffles starting at $2.50 each
Holiday chocolates starting at $12.95


Original  rich dark, milk, or white chocolate ganache in a dark or white chocolate shell
Raspberry almond  white chocolate shell, raspberry white chocolate ganache, marzipan
Black sesame  white chocolate shell, black sesame white chocolate ganache
Salted caramel  dark chocolate shell, salted caramel filling
Coconut  dark chocolate shell, coconut white chocolate ganache
Passion fruit  dark chocolate shell, tangy passion fruit ganache


(2" x 2") minimum order, one dozen
Vanilla bean $1.25 each
Strawberry or raspberry $1.50 each
Passion fruit $1.75 each
Cinnamon $1.75 each
Guiness $2 each

Holiday + Special chocolate centerpieces

Chocolate butterfly garden  starting at $38.00
Hand painted heart  white chocolate filled with 4 truffles starting at $25.00
Hand painted champagne bottle  white or dark chocolate with 6 champagne truffles $45.00
Small Easter egg  white chocolate shell with custom chocolate decor starting at $12.95
Large Easter egg  white chocolate shell with custom chocolate decor and truffles starting at $25.00