Looking for a great treat for a morning meeting?
Want to be the favorite guest at brunch?

We do custom pastry boxes!**

Curious about a flavor option not offered? Please feel free to enquire








Savory babka bun $3.50 each
Pesto, green onion, feta, sundried tomato
Ham, green onion, Swiss cheese $3.75

Sweet babka bun $3.50
Apricot, white chocolate, hint of almond
Dark chocolate, cinnamon


Savory Danish $3.75
Caramelized onion, mushrooms, thyme, harvarti cheese

Sweet Danish $3.50-3.75
cream cheese or almond filling with fresh fruit/jam

Spinach $3.50
Creamy spinach with harvarti cheese sandwiched between two layers of flaky puff pastry

Scones $3.50-$4.00

Maple bacon
Double chocolate with raspberry jam
Jalapeño cheddar
Roasted bell pepper and goat cheese
Apricot oatmeal
Cranberry orange
Strawberry hibiscus
Cornmeal cherry



*Minimum of 10 pastries per order
**Local delivery